People share their experience with therapy

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I would like to take this time right now to talk a little about Angela and what she did for me. I was off injured last year , I went from working 7 days a week, training for my next bodybuilding show and just at a peak of my physical abilities overall. I tore my right pectoral at the gym training one day. My life fell apart . Told 5-6 months off work surgery to repair plus physio and rehab before even thinking of work again let alone the gym and no more shows ever ! I felt my life was falling apart , put my future of moving forward with my wife and looking at houses this , Put my physical life style on a major hold. Not to mention 60% of my wages not adding overttime to my income now . I was recommended by my work nurse and wife to accept the offer to go see Angela . I was at first every hesistant . An alpha male at the top of his game now feeling less then antiquate In life . There was many marridle issues that came up while I was off Aswel. So I went to give Angela a chance . She was so incredibly understanding! I soon became extremely comfortable talking to her about everything that i was feeling and thought about . I didn’t feel like I was being judged or examined . I felt I was talking to a close friend who I could confide in and say anything to knowing it stays between us . I had a lot of issues to overcome . This would not have been possible without Angela there to help me. I needed her help more then I wanted to admit to myself before I went . I could not recommend any other person that I know In my life to help me the way Angela did ! She is an incredible person with such a big heart and one of the best things is , she very genuine and you feel so safe and so comfortable talking to her . She is the reason I made it through the worse time in my life.! I could never thank her enough for what she did for me . She truly is an incredible amazing person and anyone who needs to have her by their side to help will truly see that she is only one that they need to talk to. I know it’s a long novel , but I could write 10 paragraphs about how incredible a person she is . – by M.

I just want to say what a blessing Angela has been for me. I thought with counselling I’d walk out feeling worse than when I went in but I feel so deeply healed now. I feel seen and I feel deeply cared for. I’m crying happy tears whenever I share my experience and as I think about it right now. I never thought I could feel so free, it’s crazy. I can’t thank you enough for the give you have given me to reach deeply to my roots and heal the pain and take the bad stuff out. I can’t say how much I appreciate it and how much it’s changed my life. -A

I just want to say how much I appreciate Angela’s approach and her understanding with me. She made feel 100% comfortable and heard. I can’t tell you how good it made me feel. I have hope for the first time ever and I now have my life back. With gratitude, thank you. -J

As a first responder with over a decade of service I came to Angela looking for help with increasing PTSD symptoms. After a few sessions working with Angela we were able to work through multiple layers of trauma and begin the process of healing. Angela is an incredible therapist who cares and works for her patients individual needs. -K

I am writing to express my appreciation for the difference Angela has made in my life.  I have always disliked the idea of therapy, but after a series of anxiety attacks and other stress related issues (which appeared to be intensifying) I decided I needed to try it.  I honestly didn’t expect much, but I have been happily surprised.  I am sleeping better, the anxiety attacks have passed, and most of the other issues are gone.  I know that EMDR was an important factor in the healing process, but it was Angela who made that process possible.  I could never have lasted through therapy if I hadn’t been able to trust her.  It wouldn’t have mattered how skilled or knowledgeable she was.  But Angela’s natural kindness and empathy made that possible.  I am very grateful for her help. – S

I would like to share with you the experience I had with Angela from a professional and personal side. As a First Responder, sharing and reaching out for help is a huge uncomfortable experience. No one in the industry wants to show weakness, loss of control or be ladled because of the stigma within the industry. I started this journey with Angela as a mental health checkup and ended up finding out more about myself than I ever expected.  Without a lie, I was apprehensive to let Angela behind the walls I had developed over my 27 years in the service.  Meeting Angela day one took most of my apprehension away. Angela recognizes the unique needs of a First Responder. She understood my need to speak in professional terms, not give up control until we established a relationship, change directions on the fly as needed and accommodate my shift work schedule. The last thing a First Responder wants, is to be pushed into a “Clinical Setting” and treated like a patient. I really felt as though we were working as a team moving towards a common goal. Her discussions, suggestions and directions were always made with my input.  Post therapy I can think back and see where she was able to recognize my triggers without me even telling her. She was able to identify them and immediately change directions but still keep us moving towards our goal. The most striking memory I have and the best compliment I can give Angela is that she really goes over and above and can think outside the box. During one of my sessions we obviously hit one of my triggers. I felt immediately as though that session was done for the day and honestly I was going to just leave. Angela was so quick to recognize this and without hesitation deescalate my stress level.  How? She asked me what “I wanted” to do about it. I wanted to go outside away from a clinical setting and just be in the open air. She said “alright lets do that” and we did! In my many years in the medical field I can tell you that finding a clinician willing to step outside with you just to take a moment to breath is extremely unique.  Therapy is about the whole in my opinion and sometimes we all don’t fit into “classic” book defined treatment. Angela is not just a clinician doing a job, she cares and it shows.  I especially recommend Angela for any of my peers in the First Responder industry.  Its OK to not be OK, Heroes are Human and Angela is a great resource to get you back to where you need to be. -E

I was brought to Angels due to my sleepwalking/talking problems that were affecting my health. Angela is very thorough with her background check and getting to know you on a personal level. The first few sessions of EMDR were difficult to get used to but once I kept at it I noticed a huge improvement with my condition. I always felt better mentally after leaving a session and had much less anxiety about the situation. Highly recommend. -W