Meet Our Team

Meet Our Trauma Therapist and Founder:

Angela Englander, a psychological trauma specialist at
Angela Englander, the psychotherapist (qualifying) and trauma specialist at Ways To Well Being

Angela Englander, registered psychotherapist (qualifying): is an experienced psychotherapist who has worked in a variety of environments including hospitals, schools, treatment centers, family homes, individually with clients, running groups, and hosting workshops. Her current focus is on trauma and how it impacts peoples lives, especially people who currently suffer from a personality disorder, addiction, eating disorder, or other mental illness. This website was created to supplement the lack of services currently available to people and provide a way for people to access a variety of services including individual and group therapy, webinars, workshops, and read articles about a variety of topics. If you are interested in finding out more, getting involved, or would benefit from any of the above services please e-mail and you will get a response within 48 hours.

My Vision: To provide exceptional mental health and trauma therapy services and information without a wait list and to have a non-judgemental environment where people can receive support and services. Many people have had negative experiences in the mental health system because of being treated unfairly, long wait lists, stigma, and being discriminated against. This website will act as an alternative for some people who are looking for information or support. This is also a safe environment, no judgement, no discrimination, and no one will be put on a lengthy wait list or turned away.

My Mission: is focused on excellence in mental health, our goals are to provide information, support, and therapeutic services for people of all ages. In the future we hope to expand and increase the services we’re able to offer and also have offline services available for people who want to access that support.

My Values: Health, happiness, inclusion, support; to eliminate stigma, and to increase the standard for mental health services.

Thank You: We hope you find helpful.