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Should I stay or should I go?


Should I Stay or Should I go?

By: Angela Englander    March 28, 2016

Are you in a relationship that isn’t going quite as you imagined? Do you feel frustrated and confused and unsure if your partner is the right person for you? Well do I have the solution for you! This concrete calendar based activity will let you know the answers. What you do is you take a calendar and on every day you’re happy with your relationship you leave the square on the calendar blank. On the days when you have a fight with your partner or you’re unhappy with your partner you put an X. At the end of two or three months take a look at your calendar. If half the squares have X’s on them, it’s time to go. If less than a third of the squares have X’s on them it’s a relationship that’s worth keeping. If between one half and one third of the squares have an X on them you may be able to salvage this relationship but you’ll likely need to see a marriage therapist or a relationship therapist to help with communication and figuring out what’s happening that’s causing the relationship stress and friction.

I hope this tool was helpful and as always feel free to e-mail me, with any questions or leave a comment below.

Things to do when you feel overwhelmed

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Things I can do When I’m Overwhelmed

By: Angela Englander March 3, 2016

The next time you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed it may be helpful for you if you’ve got a list of things you can do to feel better already prepared. Sometimes people carry their list with them for when they need in, sometimes people will post a list on their fridge or in another place they can easily find it when they need it. Use the space below to make your list, when you start to feel overwhelmed do the first activity, if you’re still feeling overwhelmed, do the next activity. Continue doing the activities till you get to the bottom of the list then start at the top again until your emotions are feeling more manageable. Remember to keep breathing, the feelings will pass. If you can’t think of ideas feel free to check out this list: .