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DISSOCIATION: The Search for the Missing Yesterdays

Dissociation is a spectrum of experiences an individual may have after surviving traumatic experiences. The dissociation can range from “spacing out” or not feeling focused to forgetting hours, days, weeks, and years of your life. Dissociation has a bad reputation in the movies and television where it is presented as being a big dramatic experience in which the person who has the dissociation hurts or kills themselves or other people. In reality this isn’t an accurate portrayal, a person may not know what they are doing but the person usually does not do things that are completely against their morals or values.
Dissociation often starts in childhood when the child has frightening experiences that they aren’t able to run away from or defend themselves from, instead of physically leaving the situation they begin to mentally leave the situation. When a dissociative experience happens the person is leaving the situation mentally, they go into their mind and their own thoughts and become submerged in their internal world. Continue reading DISSOCIATION: The Search for the Missing Yesterdays