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The Body Remembers: The Physiology of Trauma


Hello everyone, in this article I’ll be discussing trauma and the effect it can have on a persons body. Often times when a person experiences trauma it can have an effect on the relationship a person has with their body and the way they understand and experience their physical sensations. This is just one of the many ways trauma can have an impact on a persons physical wellbeing but it is, none the less, what will be discussed here.

Dissociation is the word often used to describe when a person experiences their body as being distance of seperate from themselves, often times when people experience physical or sexual based traumas or when the person experiences repeated traumatic events the person begins to implement dissociation as a coping mechanism without knowing they are doing so. Continue reading The Body Remembers: The Physiology of Trauma

Partners for Mental Health Campaign to Reduce Stigma in the Workplace

Partners for Mental Health is a non-profit organization that is changing the way people see those struggling with mental health issues. They conduct campaigns to decrease stigma and encorage government funding for mental health services in Canada. And they do this with the help of volunteers from across the country.

Partners for Mental Health encourage everyone to take positive action and raise awareness about mental health and to support those in need. Continue reading Partners for Mental Health Campaign to Reduce Stigma in the Workplace

Trauma and Self Care

Often times when a person experience a traumatic event or multiple traumatic events they become less aware of their bodies, this is especially true if the trauma happens at a young age. Usually this will show up through a person struggling to meet their nutritional needs and eat healthy, having an inability to sleep, not taking care of their bodies, and struggling with interpersonal relationships. This article is a brief overview of how trauma effects a persons self care, all subject matter will be elaborated on in future articles. Continue reading Trauma and Self Care